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                                                        Ethylene thiourea

Chemical nature
Chemical name: Ethylene thiourea,1,3-Ethylenethiourea;2-Imidzolidnethione
Molecular formula: C3H6N2S
Molecular weight: 102.17
CAS No.96-45-7
Physical form: White or off-white powder
Sulfur content (%): ≥28%
Initial melting point: ≥192℃ /min.
Hear loss (105℃,2h):≤0.3%.
Ash(800℃,2h): ≤0.3%.

Ethylene thiourea is used as the wire, cable, rubber, tube, rubber shoes, rain boots, raincoats and other products, but also for fine chemical intermediates, antioxidants, pesticides, dyes and synthetic resin

 25Kg/bag, stored in cool and dry place.

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