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Pharmaceutical intermediates
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Chemical nature 

Product Name: 8-Hydroxyquinoline

Alias:Azanaphthalene-8-o;8-Hydroxyquinoline; Hydroxychinolin;

Molecular formula: C9H7NO

Molecular weight: 145.16

CAS number: 148-24-3


Appearance: white or light yellow crystalline powder

Content: ≥99%,99.5%

Melting point ℃: 73-74.5℃, 76℃

Burning residue (calculated as sulfate): ≤0.02%

Chloride(cl): 0.002%

Sulfate(SO4): 0.01%

Density: 1.03

EINECS number: 205-711-1

Boiling point: 267 ℃ (752 mmHg)

Flashpoint: 100 ° C

Water solubility: insoluble in water and easily soluble in ethanol and benzene


Packed in cardboard drums, lined with double-layer plastic bags, net weight 25 kg (or according to customers' requirements).


1. 8-Hydroxyquinoline is used to manufacture dyes, pesticides, and pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as complex indicator and chromatographic analysis reagents. 

2.The sulfate and copper salt complexes are excellent fungicides and mildew inhibitors.

3. This product is an intermediate of halogenated quinoline anti-amebic drugs, including Quinoxaline, chloroiodoquinoline, diiodoquinoline, etc.

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