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Pharmaceutical intermediates
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Chemical nature 

Product Name:3-Hydroxybenzaldehyde

Synonyms:3-Hydroxydenzaldehyde; 3-hydroxy benzaldehyde; m-hydroxy benzaldehyde; m-Hydroxybenzaldehyde;MHB

CAS No.: 100-83-4

Molecular Weight: 122.1224

Molecular Formula: C7H6O2

EINECS: 202-892-9

Physicochemical Properties

Density: 0.965g/cm3

Melting Point(℃): 101-105℃

Boiling Point(℃):761.9°C at 760 mmHg

Flash Point(℃): 428.5°C

refractive_index: 1.533

Water Solubility: SOLUBLE


3-Hydroxybenzaldehyde is the Intermediate for dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and bactericides; color reagent for Schiff’s reagent, sensitizing agent in photographic emulsions.

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