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Pharmaceutical intermediates
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                                                        4-Methylbenzyl alcohol

Chemical nature 

Product Name: 4-Methylbenzyl alcohol

Synonyms::4-Methylbenzyl alcohol;p-methyl-benzylalcoho;p-Methylbenzylalkohol;p-Toluyl alcohol;p-Tolymethanol

Molecular formula: C8H10O

CAS No: 589-18-4

Physicochemical properties

Appearance: white needle crystal

Content: 98.0% (min) (GC)

Melting point: 59-61 ℃


1.4-Methylbenzyl alcohol is used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. It can be used to prepare plasticizers, organotin-based vinyl chloride stabilizers, non-mercury pesticides, perfumes, and surfactants.

2. P-methyl benzyl alcohol is used to synthesize dyes, medicine, etc.

3. Used in lidocaine hydrochloride intermediate


25kg cardboard drum

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