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Pharmaceutical intermediates
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                                                      1,3-Propane Sultone

Chemical nature 

Chemical name: 1,3-Propane Sultone

Synonyms: 3-hydroxy-1-propanesulfonic acid gamma-sultone;3-hydroxypropanesulfonic acid sultone;1,2-oxathiolane, 2,2-dioxide;1,3-propanesultone;propane sultone

Molecular formula: C3H6SO3

Molecular weight: 122.1

CAS No.:1120-71-4


Physical form: Colorless to yellowish liquid or crystalline powder(under 25℃)

Concentration (%): ≥99.5

Acid value: ≤2.0

Moisture: ≤0.1


1,3-PS is used as an important intermediate for the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, brightening agents,dual-ion surfactants,sulfonating agents.and lithium battery electrolyte additives etc.


25kg/drum, stored in cool and dry place

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