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Oilfield chemicals
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Product Name:Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitors PP

                                                 Acidizing Corrosion Inhibitors PP

Chemical nature  

Product name:Corrosion Inhibitors PP

Chemical name:Propagyl alcohol, propoxylated;2-Propyn-1-ol, compd. with methyloxirane

Molecular formula:C6H10O2

Molecular weight:114.14

CAS No.: 38172-91-7


Appearance:  Yellow Transparent Liquid

Content(100% water solution ): 68%~70%

PH Value: 8.5~12.5%


The main advantages of corrosion inhibitor pp  are:

1. The main concentrated agent of a new generation of acidification corrosion inhibitor, a green substitute for propargyl alcohol

2. It is most suitable for corrosion inhibition of steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces

3. Not sensitive to water hardness

4. It is cost-effective and cost-effective compared with traditional corrosion inhibitors

5. Non corrosive and non-toxic, with higher toxicological and ecological advantages compared with traditional corrosion inhibitors

6. Corrosion inhibitor suitable for pickling bath


1. Strong acidic and neutral cleaning agents

2. Corrosion inhibitor for pickling bath and metal working fluids, not included N,S,P

3. Metal corrosion protection for rust and scale removal in acid systems.

4. Used for oilfield acidification to prevent acid corrosion on pipelines at high temperatures ≥100°C.

Packing and Storage

200kg/drum,1000kg/IBC tank, store in cool and dry place.

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