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Alkaline zinc electroplating
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Chemical nature             
Chemical name:  Diaminourea polymer
CAS No.: 68555-36-2
Molecular formula: (C15H34N4O2Cl2)n

Appearance: Colorless or yellowish thick liquid
PH: 7.0~8.5 (10% solution)
Solid content(%): ≥62
Cl: ≥11.0
Relative viscosity: <3000
Refractive index (20℃): ≥1.4580

PUB is a kind of Polyurea ammonium salt cationic surfactants, which is mainly used in alkaline zinc plating and copper plating bath at a concentration of 10~14 mg/L and make the plating coating in HCD and LCD uniform; it can be also used in cosmetics, shampoo, skin care agent, cleaning agent(etc.).

Packing and Storage
25kg/Plastic drum, store in cool and dry place.


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