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Chemical nature
Chemical name:Perfluorobutanesulfonyl fluoride
Structure formula: CF3CF2 CF2CFSO2F
Molecular formula: n- C4F9SO2F
CAS No. 375-72-4
Appearance: clear colorless or slightly yellow liquid
Boiling point: 65-66˚C
Refractive index(n25D): 1.2810
Density (d420): 1.750-1.700
Assay: 95% ( Chromatographic analysis)
PH: 3.8-4.8
Physical properties
Insoluble in water, it can hydrolyze in alkali to produce nonafluorobutanesulfo salt, then acidize to obtain nonafluorobutanesulfonic acid.
its properties is similar to perfluorooctanesulfonyl fluoride, it can be used to synthesize multi-kind of fluoro surfactant, its Potassium salt C4F9SO2K is a very good anion surfactant, also a best fire retardant for polycarbonate.

50Liter or 200Liter / iron drum, inner lined with plastic
 N.W.: 70KG  ( 50ltr)  / 250KG ( 200ltr)


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