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                                    FX-9/FC-9 ( N-ethyl perfluoro-octane-sulfonamide)

Chemical nature
Chemical name:N-ethyl perfluoro-octane-sulfonamide
CAS No:4151-50-2
Molecular formula: C10 H6F17O2 NS
Molecular weight: 527
Appearance: yellowish solid
Melting point: 88-90˚C
Assay: 90%min. ( GC )

Fluoro anion surfactant, it is a good organic fluoro pesticide. Mainly for killing termite, Cockroach and other reptile insects. It also can be used to prepare series of perfluorooctyl surfactant.

Toxicity & protection
Referring to the toxicity of fluorochemicals and protection

Package & Transportation
500g/plastic bottle, 20bottle/ carton , transportation as normal chemicals

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