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Food additives
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                                                        L(+)- Tartaric acid food grade

Chemical nature           

Chemical name: L(+)-Tartaric acid
Molecular formula: C4H6O6
Molecular weight: 150.09
CAS No.: 87-69-4


Physical form: Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder
Concentration (%): 99.7-100.5
Specific rotatory powder: +12.0-+13.0
Loss on drying(%): ≤0.5
Residue on ignition(%): ≤0.05
Sulfate(SO4): Passes test
Oxalate(mg/kg): Passes test
Lead(mg/kg): ≤2


1.L(+)-Tartaric acid is mainly used as acidulant in beverage,and other foods, such as soft drinks, wine, candy, bread and some colloidal sweetmeats.

2.Used as catalyst in the resin finishing of polyester fabric or pH value regulator in oryzanol production

3. Used as complexing agent, screening agent or chelating agent in chemical analysis and pharmaceutical inspection, or as resist agent in dyeing.

4.Also complex with metal ion and can be used as cleaning agent or polishing agent of metal surface.


25kg/ complex bag, stored in cool and dry place.


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