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Water treatment additives
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                                                        Potassium peroxymonosulfate /PMPS

Chemical nature           
Chemical name: Potassium hydrogen peroxymonosulfate;Potassium monopersulfate compound;KMPS;PMPS
Molecular formula: 2KHSO5.KHSO4.K2SO4
Molecular weight: 614.7
CAS No.:70693-62-8
Physical form: White fluent powder
Active Oxygen(%): ≥4.53
Active Component(KHSO5,%): ≥42.8
Bulk Density(g/cm3): 0.95-1.30
Moisture Content(%): ≤0.2
PH(25°C) 1% solution: 2.3
PH(25°C) 3% solution: 2.0
Particle Siza Through USS#20 sieve(%): ≤98
Through USS#200 sieve(%): ≥5

1.Printed Circuit Board and PCB metal surface treatment.
2.Disinfection:mainly used in Animal breeding disinfection.
3.Water treatment:Swimming water disinfection and treatment and also Oil field wastewater waste gas treatment.
4.Cosmetics, daily-use chemicals.
5.Wool Shrinkproofing, Paper Bleaching

25kg/bag, Stored in cool and dry place.

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